Today the Eclipse Happens…And All I Can Think About is Change

This amazing eclipse is an inspiring symbol of change for me. Yeah, I’m about to go a little introspective, but that’s how we grow, right?

Solar events are enjoyable for us because we know that on the other side of the eclipse is the brightness of the sun. We have faith this dark time is but for a season, and that the sunshine will certainly return. This “knowing” is what allows us to rejoice and marvel as the sky turns dim.

Imagine if we all stood as firm in our belief of brighter days during the times the sun goes out in our lives…and welcomed these moments of darkness and uncertainty as a time to pause, look up, and get excited about what is to come. What if we used this as an opportunity to leave behind behaviors and beliefs that do not work for us any longer and did some goal setting and planning? I’m convinced when life goes dark and motionless that this is the time to get focused, clean your internal house, and get ready for the sunny times that are on the way.

So, today I’m taking time to set some intentions, pray, get my house in order, and clear out anything that is blocking my forward motion. On the other side of the eclipse, I will be open, ready, and in expectation of all the goodness, blessings, abundance, and adventure rushing toward me.

Who else is in?

Yours in elevation – xo!