Inside Look: Hammam Spa at JW Marriott Chicago

There is nothing better than some spa time after a long journey (or just a super hard day). Jeff and I arrived into Morocco from a multi-leg flight from Chicago as part of the cast for Bravo’s “Tour Group”. Between packing, no sleep, and last-minute running, we were exhausted.



So, when we were told by our hosts that we were going to the hammam in our hotel, the Sahara Palace Marrakech, I was so excited!

What’s it like? You are given very minimal covering (think paper thong), so this a same-sex experience. You lay on a group slab, are washed from head to toe in fragrant soap and water, scrubbed vigorously, and massaged thoroughly. It is professional yet kind…and you can’t help but relax. The steam was thick. which made the environment so stress relieving…I couldn’t help but doze off.


Sahara Palace Marrakech TA1


I was hammam hooked, so imagine how happy I was to find one of these in Chicago…at the JW Marriott no less! Here’s an inside peek at the spa:

The hotel’s MoroccanOil Hydrating Hammam Experience is 80 min. and costs $230

Your journey starts in a heated private chamber (see above video for an inside look) – this helps improve circulation and enhance mental clarity. Your treatment begins with a scrubbing/body cleansing with a Moroccanoil Fleur d’ Oranger Cleansing Bar enveloped in an exfoliation mitt.

Next, your attendant applies Moroccanoil Body Souffle (with shea butter), to restore hydration and radiance to the skin, and then pulls Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask through your hair (so don’t get your hair done before your visit).

And if you add a signature massage, you’ll receive a free glass of champagne. Who doesn’t love bubbles?

For more information, visit the JW Marriott Chicago website.