About Jettasetting


What is Jettasetting?
We are advocating for people to have more fun; both in business and during personal time. Jettasetting is your resource for quality experiences, global adventure, and insider industry information vetted for hotness and accuracy by an experienced consumer products/lifestyle professional…and a few of her talented tastemaker friends.

Who is it for?
You, my lovely!

Flush with disposable income? Seeking luxe for less? Somewhere in between? Just bring your open mind, an appreciation for fun and next-level experiences, and comfortable shoes (as we are going global cool hunting).

Jettasetting Backstory…

Creator: Jetta Bates
Working hard is woven into my DNA. My excellence ethic was planted early by my family, who take pride in an honest day’s work for an honest day’s play, then nurtured by teachers and mentors who were C-suite executives and professionals groomed by Oprah, Cosby and other greats.

This melding of working-class focus and global socialization, coupled with a strong network and exposure to a world full of possibilities, allows me to excel aggressively; win business development awards, design and lead PR and social media campaigns for global brands like Coca-Cola, BP, The Embassy of France, Miller, BMW, French handbag designer Dognin; and resulted in an assistant vice-presidency by my early 30s.

But working hard without playtime sucks! Early in life I was taught life should include fun and adventure. Reading postcards sent by my grandmother during her travels to Japan and Germany, and sitting at my uncle’s feet listening to tales of the beautiful women he romanced in Europe and South America kicked open the door to my mind and created a love for learning and an aversion to a standard/staid way of thinking.

Ever notice how those who were both successful AND happy took time out for laughter, exploration and sharing fun times with family and friends (even when life gets “special”)? This inspired me to find the fun in both my personal and corporate life no matter what…and it is my mission to help you do the same.

Hence the birth of Jettasetting Lifestyle Communications, a labor of love created to make sure every day of your life is a special occasion.

Chose happy.