8 Quick Tips: How to Rock Out Your Personal Brand

Talking about personal branding at Northwestern University’s  “Personal Branding and Network Management” immersive two-day workshop was super fun! It was nice to present to people who were serious about managing their brands; they were on top of taking those notes.

For those who were not able to make it; here are a few quick personal branding tips to tide you over until the next event.


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Surprise!! Personal branding is not all about self promotion. It is about what you can do for others.



Control your narrative. Tell your story before someone else tells it for you.



What is a branding statement? A couple of sentences that share what you excel at, how you do it, who you do it for, and how you are unique (your secret sauce).




Why do you need one? Your branding statement will serve as a foundation for your bio, elevator pitch and other written descriptions…and it’s great to tweak a bit and use when you introduce yourself at speaking engagement.




There is no room for jargon and quippy identifiers in your branding statement.  Unless you are an ACTUAL rock star or high-flipping, ass-kicking ninja…please do not call yourself one.



If you call yourself an innovator; be prepared to show where you’ve not only thought differently, but you were able to execute against the idea and it resulted in positive change.



You live your brand consistently…not just when you are in the boardroom or in front of cameras. It permeates every aspect of your life, and should be considered in your decisions and actions.




Emoting all over social media can really damage your brand.  Having a bad day? Upset at something that is happening at work? Stay off social and phone a friend.