How to Leverage Big Mistakes…(Lessons Learned from the Steve Harvey/Miss Universe “Situation” )

By: Jetta Bates Vasilatos


Steve Harvey’s slip-up at the Miss Universe pageant was super awkward for him and the beautiful contestants. But as a communications and branding strategist, I couldn’t help but appreciate how he took responsibility right off….and kudos to the ladies – as they handled it the best they could. For those who may have mixed feelings about Steve Harvey (like I sometimes do), he showed strength of character when he stepped up and owned his global gaffe. He really let the world know what he is truly made of, and may have won some new fans in the process.

Moving forward, here’s some additional advice I’d share with him:

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Best Snob-Approved Bubbly Under $20 (and a couple under $10)

By: Jetta Bates


The need for good bubbly never stops.

You may not have the money for, or the inclination to splurge on, a bottle of 1995 Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millénaires ($150) or even the Veuve Clicquot Brut Yellow Label ($42). It’s like that sometimes. No worries; here are six of my favorite bubbly alternatives under $20 (some under $10) that are yummy and you can feel good about bringing to ANY party (even to that friend’s house who traveled all over Europe for a year sipping wine ):

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Curly Girls Night Out: Cool Styles + Hot Hair Trends

Nothing better than Jettasetting with a room full of curly girls at an event – it is a rare experience. Creme of Nature’s Hair Color Crush Meetup in Chicago gave me precious time with other lovers of beauty PLUS I scored some hair care tips and trend insight from top hair bloggers.  

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Valueable Takeaways from TechWeek Chicago – even if YOU are NOT a TECHIE.

Packed with exhibitors and a schedule full of workshops, panel discussions and sponsored parties, TechWeek Chicago proved to be a valuable experience for techies, entrepreneurs and those who just like to be “in the know” of the tech world. Check this list of tips that I gained during my first TechWeek experience:


Fashion Tech Panel 20141. Choose your social circles wisely. During the “Future of Fashion” panel, there was a lot of discussion regarding the impact the digital sphere is having on retail and the fashion industry. But let’s take it one step further. Social media and mobile devices are adding a completely new realm to the retail experience. Not only will our social media friends give us a “thumbs up” regarding a potential new clothing purchase, we will also be scrolling through our news feeds looking for recommendations on the best pair of running shoes to purchase.
2. Find your stick-to-it-tive-ness. CEO, Michael Small of GoGo Air urged start-ups and entrepreneurs to be persistent when it comes to building their businesses. Having an attitude of resolve & tenacity is key when looking to achieve success in anything. STICK.TO.IT!
3. Sometime going off your planned path can prove to be beneficial. My Thursday schedule went a little something like this: “Managing Social Media in the 21st Century”, “Obtain the Funding to Realize Your Vision” and “The Future of Fashion”. Somewhere between getting from session A to session B, I ended up in a session called “What do the Queen, Jesus and Technology Have in Common”. The presentation was impressive and when over, I had a new outlook on technology and how it is impacting us as humans. So be flexible, you never know what you can learn and how you may be able to use that information in the future.


Tweet from TW4. Fine tune your skills, be aware of your weaknesses and understand your opportunities. According to Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871, by 2020 42% of the American workforce will be working for themselves. How exciting! Sounds like there will be quite a few of us walking away from the hum drum of corporate life and becoming creative in terms of how we make our ‘dough’. Take advantage of the time you have now and prepare for your future.


Ember Wine 20145. Take a few minutes to truly connect with others. Conferences are great places for you to enhance your professional tool kits; however they are also ideal for building your network. Think of it! A room full of really interesting, hip individuals who understand your ‘special’ language. If time permits, go a little further than just passing out your business card. Slip away for a sip of wine or grab tea, whatever your passion, but use the time to connect with individuals on a more meaningful level.



TW Outside Image



TechWeek was full of energy and excitement that I am sure left an impression on all who attended. So whatever your ‘thing’ is, continue to innovate, disrupt and blaze a path unforeseen!


Tasty Night Out Chicago: Tocco In Wicker Park

There is nothing like enjoying fresh Italian in a modern, sexy space.  Chef Bruno Abate is as authentically Italian as his food; he has lived and tasted his way across Italy.

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Cocktails, Celebs, Stogies and More: THIS is New Orleans

From ESSENCE Music Festival, to bacon bourbon, to baller trucks (and everything in between), New Orleans has fun covered…and Jettasetting has the pics to prove it.

Photos of notables were taken by celebrity photographer Bennett Raglin of BP Photography who travels the world taking sizzling pics that can be seen in media outlets like  Rolling Stone, Elle Magazine, People Magazine…and now, Jettasetting!

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Jettasetting’s Wine Wednesday: Wine Enthusiast’s Red & White Bash Chicago


THIS is how you start the weekend right: Wine Enthusiast’s Red and White Bash Chicago

Thursday, June 19th 2014
7PM – 10 PM
Architectural Artifacts
4325 N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL


True celebration of wine and food – and all for a great cause!

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Winter Sippin’ : Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky


Those who partied with us over the holidays had the chance to taste Auchentoshan Single Malt Scotch Whisky – and people are still texting me asking how to drink it…or for cocktail ideas.  Auchentoshan triple distills every single drop (which is unique) – and there is no wrong way to enjoy it.

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Let there Be Snow: Jerusalem

NYC and Chicago, you are not alone in the battle of snow.  December also gave Jerusalem some snow shade – and my fave Israel tour guide and history sherpa Ofir Jacobson, PhD, sent me some pics of the “once-in-a-century” storm, deemed thusly by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  Interesting how snow can be both fun and fraught with drama.

Currently, Jerusalem is back up to 40+ degrees – but winter CLEARLY is a fickle mistress…so they may want to keep their gloves and shovels handy.  Trust.  I threw in some Chi and NYC pics in the slide show as we are snow sister cities…

Icy kisses!


Jettasetting Weekend: Chicago Gourmet, presented by Bon Appétit, Sept. 27-29 (yes, there are still tickets, but..)

This is going to be super YUMMY!

A true foodie fête, Chicago Gourmet, presented by Bon Appétit, is a true celebration of food and wine showcasing more than 100 of Chicago’s finest restaurants and chefs, as well as hundreds of renowned vintners, spirit makers, and premium breweries from around the world.

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